"Bringing the gifts that my ancestors gave, I am the dream and the hope of the slave.  I rise, I rise, I rise..."

- Maya Angelou

Our Story...

Jorge Biassou (1741-1801) arrived in St. Augustine in 1796 from Haiti, and rose to become a decorated Spanish General and political leader.

Our story is actually your story... everyone's story. Come with us and explore 450 years of Black History and Civil Rights Heritage that happened right here in St. Augustine, Florida.

Our team has spent countless hours at the direction of our Black Heritage Tours Manager actually interviewing local resident Civil Rights leaders that lived here during the 1960's. We've documented and cataloged their stories so that we can share them with you. Its our mission to present a very fair and honest examination of the events that shaped our Black History both here locally, and nationwide. We believe that sharing these stories is the best way to honor the brave and courageous African American citizens who changed the world for the better, and preserve their legacy for future generations to learn from.

St. Augustine Black Heritage & Civil Rights Tours Inc is dedicated to bringing you unique, world-class Heritage Tourism experiences. Few realize the legacy that St. Augustine has had in Black History with the very first free Black settlement in all of North America being located here. Our mission is to showcase this rich heritage and share how its played a major role up through the modern day Civil Rights Movements.

Let us take you on a journey that will enrich, enlighten and inspire you. Whether you are visiting for one day or one week, we will create customized all-inclusive tour packages tailored specifically to your group that showcase the very best of St. Augustine... We are here for you.